Thursday, October 20, 2011


Brian Brookes who is the Senior coordinator for the (Oscott) Neighbourhood Police Initiative as well as an active member of the FOQNR, has asked me to remind users of the Queslett Nature Reserve, to be the " eyes and ears of the reserve"
If you see any acts of antisocial behavior and so on, please report it to the Police or Parks department.
The Police do patrol the reserve but can not be there all the time. As many of us who walk on the reserve, carry mobile phones it is easy to report any anti social behavior we see.
However do not put your self in any sort of danger in the unlikely circumstances you see any problems.

Following another litter sucessful pick session at the reserve on Saturday where over 20 black bags were filled with rubbish, I have to say the Queslett Nature Reserve is looking cleaner than ever.It is however a great shame that because of the recent drought the lake has receded that much that you can see all sorts of rubbish in it. This sadly can not be dealt with due to the mud around the lake at the moment.

I would like to request that those who use the reserve please take your rubbish home and I would like to than all those who work so hard to keep the reserve tidy.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


They will be a litter picking session at the Queslett Nature Reserve on Saturday 16th October.
The meeting place will be the Ashworth Road entrance at 11.30am.

Please come dressed for the weather. Also can you park away from the Ashworth entrance as there is limited parking there. Try Booths Lane?

Children are welcome if under the supervision of an adult.

Please take care when using the reserve and come along to help us care for it.

Councillor Keith Linnecor

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As many of those who use the Queslett Nature Reserve may know, the water lake in the reserve is very low. This has meant there is now mud bans surrounding the lake. On Saturday a member of the public while trying to retrieve something from the lake sank past he's knees in the lake and only managed to get out with the help of people passing by.Much of the land where the Queslett Nature Reserve now is was a sand quarry and has been refilled with all sorts of soil and ruble. Following the recent drought conditions land which was below the water line is now exposed but is saturated. I have called on the Parks department to have signs warning people about the mud put up, but in the mean time children and owners with pets should ensure they are not tempted onto the mud near the lake as it may not be safe.

Chair FQNR
Councillor Keith Linnecor