Monday, May 21, 2012


Despite the miserable weather the KIngstanding Fun day was a success.
The FQNR combined forces with the Oscott Neighbourhood Forum an manned a stall throughout the event.

A number of leaflets about both organisations were given out to help promote both organisations.

Brenda our secretary did a great job organising a tombola and fund made will go to helping the FOQNR look after the reserve. So thank you and well done Brenda.

Also we would like to thank the organisers of the Kingstanding Fun Day and also every one who helped out on the FOQNR stall.


I would like to take the opportunatey to exspress my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their help and support with the The Friends of Queslett Nature stall at the Kingstanding Funday 19th May. To those who donated prizes for the tombola, Oscott Cllr`s Dring, Chatfield and Linnecor, they was very much appreciated.

 It was a shame that the weather wasn`t very good with it being very cold and with some drizzle which put a lot of the public off from attending the show. But our stall attracted a lot of interest and hopefully we will have some more new members! I would like to say a special thank you to my partner John Davis who helped on the stall.To vice Chairman Bob Wild who donated some prizes  and also for his assistance. Finally, to Chairman Cllr Keith Linnecor and treasurer Brian Brookes for their contribution.

 Inspite of the damp and cold it was a very enjoyable exsperience even though it was a bit hectic at times! It was some small reasurrance that with all this rain we have been having that it will at least replenish the lake at the reserve which was getting very low during the dry spell. I hope that the wildlife of the Queslett Nature Reserve appreciate all our efforts!

Brenda Wilson
Secretary The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve

Thursday, May 17, 2012


There will be a fun day at the Wheeldon Recreation Ground Kingstanding Road opposite the Kingstanding Library.
There will be all sorts of activities. Face painting, bouncy castles art, a chance to meet the Police and so on.
The Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve will have stall so why not pop in and see us.


 Oscott community leaders lobbying Oscott councillors on behalf of residents

THE OSCOTT RESIDENTS GROUPS are holding the AGM,s on Saturday 26th May at the 610 Community Centre at 10.30am.
The groups involved are.
The Oscott Residents Association
The Oscott Elderly Residents Group
The Oscott Disability Group.

To find out more about these groups pop in to 1 of their Saturday morning sessions at the 610 Community Centre Kingstanding Road at 10.30am.
Oscott Councillor Keith Linnecor often pops in for a chat and to give help and support.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


 * You Can meet Brian the NPI senior coordinator most Saturdays at the 610 Community Centre.

The (Oscott) Neighbourhood Police Initiative (NPI) who are community volunteers who work closely with the Police to get distribute crime prevention materials and advice, also work closely with the Feinds of the Queslett Nature Reserve.
Brian Brookes their Senior  coordinator and also a member of the FQNR says " we do work well with the FQNR and would ask members to be the eyes and ears of the Police and Ranger Service when they are in the reserve. If you see anything suspicious in the reserve acts of vandalism and so on please contact the Police or Ranger service"
*If you want to know more about the NPI Brian can usually be found as part of the Oscott Residents groups at the 610 Community Centre most Saturday mornings at 10.30am.


Chair FQNR Councillor Keith Linnecor inspecting steps put in by the Council near the lake in the reserve

The Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve do their best to monitor the work of the Birmingham Parks department in the reserve and elsewhere in the Oscott Ward and try and work closely with their management team.


Pruning bushes and removing unwanted scrub is vital to the well being of the Queslett nature Reserve. However this work can only be carried out out side the bird breeding and nesting period. Trees and bushes can however be pruned if after careful inspection they have no nests in them.
What ever time of year our volunteers ensure they do their best not to interfere with the reserves wildlife and for the most part work in conjunction with the parks Ranger service.


The Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve along with the Neighbourhood Police Initiative will have a stall at the Kingstanding Fun day on SATURDAY MAY 19th 10.30am on. The fun day will be held at the Whelden Recreation Ground of Kingstanding Road (Opposite the Kingstanding Library we hope you will pop along to show your support  and to meet some of our Committee members.

Secretary and Fund Raiser FOQNR