Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Sometime last week I received your notification re 'poor state of sections of the fencing' and that monies may become available to improve said fencing. I do voluntary work at the RSPB Sandwell Valley and we know how much time and effort is spent either repairing or painting fences. If a fence is not required pull it down, they do nothing for wild life unless it is a hedge. As a frequent visitor to the nature reserve I feel that any money that becomes available should be spent on making the reserve more wild life friendly. I applaud the way the grass is now only cut along path routes thus allowing the majority of wild plant life to grow and encourage other wild life such as butterflies etc. The one big blot on the landscape is the lake. The lack of water over the summer period has highlighted this. Not knowing much about reserve management but I would suggest that some of the trees bordering and encroaching the lake should be cut down along one side at the minimum. This would leave some nice sandy banks to encourage different types of sand flies and bees. Also, the top corner (nearest Asda) could have the trees removed and have reeds planted instead. Reeds are a great habitat for different types of bird. It would also be of benefit for the birds to have an island, either a permanent one or a tern raft. These are ideal for nesting sites.
Remember a nature reserve should be primary for the wild life and not for people.

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(The idea of extending and improving reed beds at the edge of the lake has already been put forward but this is a timely reminder to chase up this issue with the parks department. Sadly although some community volunteers built a raft island for the reserves lake it was rejected by the Council due to health and safety grounds?)
The Executive Committee of the FOQNR welcome letters and discussion points concerning the Queslett Nature Reserve including the Aldridge Recreation Ground as well as any environmental concerns in the area.

Keith Linnecor


Following complaints by a number of residents in the Bowman and Caddick area I have managed to get the Leisure Services department to cut back the path at the end of Caddick road.This path at the edge of the carriage way helps maintain the link (by foot) between Turnbury park and the Perry Beeches at one end and the Queslett Road Nature Reserve and Booths Lane at the other.I am still negotiating however to get a few bushes cut back.

Councillor Keith Linnecor