Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Cameron Homes are looking to by the land off Booths lane next to the Queslett nature Reserve.
They are holding a meeting tomorrow (8th December) at the Queslett Golf Course booths lane. The meeting will take place between 12,30pm and 7pm.
Plans will be on display and their will be a chance to speak to the developers.
The FQNR will be attending and ensuring the best results for the reserve we can get.
Why not pop along and take a look for your self at these proposals.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Now that the winter has arrived early you may wish to feed the birds in the Queslett Nature Reserve..
That is fine the birds do need help to survive the winter, but please remember some importatnt things. Do not feed the birds in the late afternoon of after dusk. The birds will not eat at this time and left over food will encourage rats.The best time to feed the birds is early in the morning and please do not leave to much food. Feeding birds regularly is better than to leave a glut of food for them.Do not leave food on foot paths. Nuts in bags placed in trees is fine however there is also a chance that the squirrels will get there first and please remove the bags when you notice they are empty.
What foods should you provide?High energy foods, various nuts and seeds are best. Soaked bread (white or brown) – dry bread swells in the stomach. Leftovers, e.g. cake, cooked rice etc. are fine, but no spicy or salty foods, or "gone off" foods. Apples, cut in half and put the ground are excellent for blackbirds and robins.
(Please note white bread is not the best food for our birds but they can eat it see above)

You can also contact the RSPB for advice and don't forget to feed the birds in your garden to.
Please enjoy feeding the birds and remember to take care if you use the reserve in bad weather.

Councillor Keith LinnecorChair FQNR


Every year despite warnings people foolishly venture out onto open water when it iced over. It is the same with the lake in the Queslett Nature Reserve. Even some grown up adults feel the need to "walk on water" and regardless of the danger step out onto the frozen lake without thinking of the potential danger. Lakes like the one in the Queslett Nature Reserve are not meant for swimming in at the best of times and given its remoteness from any help, trying to walk on this lake when it is covered in ice is a dangerous thing to do. Sadly if the worst happened and someone fell through the ice, the cold would probably mean they would not be able to save them selves by swimming and they could get trapped under the ice.The message is simple please do not risk trying to walk on lakes like the one in the Queslett Nature Reserve when they are frozen over. (and do not let your dog do it either)