Friday, December 3, 2010


Every year despite warnings people foolishly venture out onto open water when it iced over. It is the same with the lake in the Queslett Nature Reserve. Even some grown up adults feel the need to "walk on water" and regardless of the danger step out onto the frozen lake without thinking of the potential danger. Lakes like the one in the Queslett Nature Reserve are not meant for swimming in at the best of times and given its remoteness from any help, trying to walk on this lake when it is covered in ice is a dangerous thing to do. Sadly if the worst happened and someone fell through the ice, the cold would probably mean they would not be able to save them selves by swimming and they could get trapped under the ice.The message is simple please do not risk trying to walk on lakes like the one in the Queslett Nature Reserve when they are frozen over. (and do not let your dog do it either)

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