Friday, December 3, 2010


Now that the winter has arrived early you may wish to feed the birds in the Queslett Nature Reserve..
That is fine the birds do need help to survive the winter, but please remember some importatnt things. Do not feed the birds in the late afternoon of after dusk. The birds will not eat at this time and left over food will encourage rats.The best time to feed the birds is early in the morning and please do not leave to much food. Feeding birds regularly is better than to leave a glut of food for them.Do not leave food on foot paths. Nuts in bags placed in trees is fine however there is also a chance that the squirrels will get there first and please remove the bags when you notice they are empty.
What foods should you provide?High energy foods, various nuts and seeds are best. Soaked bread (white or brown) – dry bread swells in the stomach. Leftovers, e.g. cake, cooked rice etc. are fine, but no spicy or salty foods, or "gone off" foods. Apples, cut in half and put the ground are excellent for blackbirds and robins.
(Please note white bread is not the best food for our birds but they can eat it see above)

You can also contact the RSPB for advice and don't forget to feed the birds in your garden to.
Please enjoy feeding the birds and remember to take care if you use the reserve in bad weather.

Councillor Keith LinnecorChair FQNR

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