Saturday, December 31, 2011


The Aldridge Road Recreation Ground is to have new gates fitted to its Shady Lane entrance. Other improvements to the site will be an extra barriers at the Randwick Grove entrance (This is to help stop motor bikes using this entrance which can be very dangerous) and the path between Shady Lane and Randwick Grove is to be upgraded. (re Tar maced*) .
*This is itended to help those using the recreation ground in particular disabled users in wheel chairs or mothers with push chairs and so on, to cross it without having to face the hazard of ruts and large puddles.
It is good to see the Councils Leisure Services department are funding improvements to some of the open spaces in the Oscott area as well as other areas in the city. The FOQNR have been campaigning for this for some time.
This funding is not new but part of their existing city wide strategic infrastructure allowance used to keep our open spaces in good condition.
The FOQNR which incorporates the Aldridge Road Recreation ground will be battling to get even more of the Cities Leisure Services resources spent in the area as there are many other things which need to be done and it is time we had our fair share of any funding available.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


On behalf of the FQNR Committee I would like to wish all its members and the users of the Queslett Nature Reserve a very Happy Christmas.

Councillor Keith Linnecor
Chair FQNR



I can not get on the reserve as much as I would like to but I must say how much better it looks these days.
The paths are much better and the main path from Ashworth Road to the ASDA Old Horns is much better since Councillor Linnecor had it improved some years ago.
On the down side however is the drought over the last year has reduced the level of the lake. Lets hope all the rain we are now having will help top it up.
The thing that always stands out for me is seeing those beautiful swans on the lake which i love to see.
But I do wish the vandals would stop throwing the life belts into the lake.
I love the reserve and thank all those who look after it very much.

P. Cooke
Details supplied.



The Queslett Nature Reserve is a special place where you can go for a walk and enjoy watching the local wild life and this is how the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve want it to stay.
We do not want to have building put up in it, Tar mac paths laid all over it, or public events taking part in it.
We want to keep it tidy, well managed and for the use of not only its human users but more importantly for its wild life.

B. Brookes. member FQNR


Although the weather has not been to bad this year it is still the time to feed our wild birds, either in your garden or the at the Queslett Nature Reserve.
If you are going to feed the birds in the reserve please avoid giving them white bread and if you put out nuts in a mesh bag please remove it when it is empty.

Meal worms go down well with bird like robins and apples are enjoyed by birds like the black bird.
Wild bird seed is another favourite.
It is always best to feed birds in the morning.
For the best advice on how to feed birds see the RSPB webb site.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Sometime last week I received your notification re 'poor state of sections of the fencing' and that monies may become available to improve said fencing. I do voluntary work at the RSPB Sandwell Valley and we know how much time and effort is spent either repairing or painting fences. If a fence is not required pull it down, they do nothing for wild life unless it is a hedge. As a frequent visitor to the nature reserve I feel that any money that becomes available should be spent on making the reserve more wild life friendly. I applaud the way the grass is now only cut along path routes thus allowing the majority of wild plant life to grow and encourage other wild life such as butterflies etc. The one big blot on the landscape is the lake. The lack of water over the summer period has highlighted this. Not knowing much about reserve management but I would suggest that some of the trees bordering and encroaching the lake should be cut down along one side at the minimum. This would leave some nice sandy banks to encourage different types of sand flies and bees. Also, the top corner (nearest Asda) could have the trees removed and have reeds planted instead. Reeds are a great habitat for different types of bird. It would also be of benefit for the birds to have an island, either a permanent one or a tern raft. These are ideal for nesting sites.
Remember a nature reserve should be primary for the wild life and not for people.

Name and details supplied (em)

(The idea of extending and improving reed beds at the edge of the lake has already been put forward but this is a timely reminder to chase up this issue with the parks department. Sadly although some community volunteers built a raft island for the reserves lake it was rejected by the Council due to health and safety grounds?)
The Executive Committee of the FOQNR welcome letters and discussion points concerning the Queslett Nature Reserve including the Aldridge Recreation Ground as well as any environmental concerns in the area.

Keith Linnecor


Following complaints by a number of residents in the Bowman and Caddick area I have managed to get the Leisure Services department to cut back the path at the end of Caddick road.This path at the edge of the carriage way helps maintain the link (by foot) between Turnbury park and the Perry Beeches at one end and the Queslett Road Nature Reserve and Booths Lane at the other.I am still negotiating however to get a few bushes cut back.

Councillor Keith Linnecor


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Brian Brookes who is the Senior coordinator for the (Oscott) Neighbourhood Police Initiative as well as an active member of the FOQNR, has asked me to remind users of the Queslett Nature Reserve, to be the " eyes and ears of the reserve"
If you see any acts of antisocial behavior and so on, please report it to the Police or Parks department.
The Police do patrol the reserve but can not be there all the time. As many of us who walk on the reserve, carry mobile phones it is easy to report any anti social behavior we see.
However do not put your self in any sort of danger in the unlikely circumstances you see any problems.

Following another litter sucessful pick session at the reserve on Saturday where over 20 black bags were filled with rubbish, I have to say the Queslett Nature Reserve is looking cleaner than ever.It is however a great shame that because of the recent drought the lake has receded that much that you can see all sorts of rubbish in it. This sadly can not be dealt with due to the mud around the lake at the moment.

I would like to request that those who use the reserve please take your rubbish home and I would like to than all those who work so hard to keep the reserve tidy.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


They will be a litter picking session at the Queslett Nature Reserve on Saturday 16th October.
The meeting place will be the Ashworth Road entrance at 11.30am.

Please come dressed for the weather. Also can you park away from the Ashworth entrance as there is limited parking there. Try Booths Lane?

Children are welcome if under the supervision of an adult.

Please take care when using the reserve and come along to help us care for it.

Councillor Keith Linnecor

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As many of those who use the Queslett Nature Reserve may know, the water lake in the reserve is very low. This has meant there is now mud bans surrounding the lake. On Saturday a member of the public while trying to retrieve something from the lake sank past he's knees in the lake and only managed to get out with the help of people passing by.Much of the land where the Queslett Nature Reserve now is was a sand quarry and has been refilled with all sorts of soil and ruble. Following the recent drought conditions land which was below the water line is now exposed but is saturated. I have called on the Parks department to have signs warning people about the mud put up, but in the mean time children and owners with pets should ensure they are not tempted onto the mud near the lake as it may not be safe.

Chair FQNR
Councillor Keith Linnecor

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The FOQNR for reasons out side of their control have had to alter the date of their litter picking session. This will now take place on the Saturday 15th October. The other details are the same as on the previous post.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Dear Members.

The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve will be holding an autumn litter picking and clear up session at the Queslett Nature Reserve on Saturday October 1st.
For all those members along with their family and friends who would like to make their contribution to helping the environment, the meeting will start at the Ashworth Road entrance at 11.30. The F.O.Q.N.R gladly encourages children to these clean ups session but in the interests of health and safety all children must be kept under strict adult supervision, Could we also remind our members and visitors to respect the residents living in Ashworth Road so if possible to park in Booths Lane to avoid congestion at the reserve entrance. We are looking forward to a good turn out on this date to help clean up this beautiful reserve but we must remind those who attend that the weather can be very unpredictable, so please make sure that the appropriate clothing and footwear are worn on the day.
Finally, The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve has to adhere to a tight budget and it would be a big saving in postage if those members who have an email address could they please forward these on. Thank you

Brenda Wilson

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Member are requested to let us have your email address. This will help save our costs in regards to postage and so on.
Please email Brenda Wilson <>

Friday, June 24, 2011


As the secretary to The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve I very often visit this beautiful wildlife haven. I was especially delighted to see that the reserves residental swans have now had three gorgeous cygnets! I sometimes take the swans and their young family corn which I leave on the bank. Because however much I would like to see them up close and however much I would like them to feed from my hand,I am mindful of the fact that these are wild animals,they have their place and I have mine. There is no real need to feed the swans or the other wildfowl this time of the year as there is certainly enough food and it isn`t a good idea to feed them bread. I am concerned that when I am over the Queslett Nature Reserve that I have come across other members of public feeding and actively encouraging the swans to come close. These people think that they are being kind gaining the swans trust. But they don`t seem to understand that there other types of
people who through their own warped sence of enjoyment will use the swans trust of humans to hurt them. So for those who do care, it is really best not to encouraged the swans to come close to the waters edge or to feed from a hand.

Brenda Wilson


The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve
Update June 2011
It has been a busy year and with results to show. We have carried out several on site activities, litter picking, cleaning up of bulk rubbish fly tipped over many years and path clearance. The reserve had taken on a distinct improvement.
Consideration is now being given to the creation of a new pathway with steps looping off from the main Ashworth Road to Asda path, circling close to the Queslett Road. We are conscious that only limited access to this section should be made possible in order not to disturb existing wildlife and deter the settlement of new wildlife. The bird boxes installed here over the previous two years with the exception of one or two have remained in tact and have been nested by various variety of birds, owls and bats.
Following early successful clean ups in the lake area we have concentrated lately on this part of the reserve and the are to the rear of the solicitors offices that has recently been opened up and made available as part of the reserve.
In addition to the wildlife monitoring and training sessions, we have involved various youth groups that have included youth club members e.g. late evening bat watch and cadets assisting with clean up operations. We have worked with and have a good cooperative relationship with the Birmingham City Council Leisure Services and in particular the Ranger service. In May 2011, though them, we received much practical assistance from a group of 50 employees of Orange Telecommunications using this as a team building exercise.
Our group is now expanding its operations to two other sites, Aldridge Road Recreation Ground and Perry Beeches Nature Reserve on the Oscott side of the M6 motorway.
The grant of 300 Pounds from the Community Chest has enabled us to add to our inventory of equipment and tools. In addition, it has covered some of our running costs and has enabled, through publicity leaflets and newsletters to increase our membership and the interest of local residents. This membership is still free and we hope will stay free. Certainly our efforts have raised the profile of the Nature Reserve locally as a pleasant oasis in a built up area.
Unfortunately, our applications for National Lottery funding for more ambitious projects have so far been unsuccessful. We continue to source more funding from various agencies and by fund raising. We hope again that this year we can be considered for another grant from the Community Chest.
For application for free membership of "The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve":
Tel: 0121 360 6486 Tell your friends!
Bob Wild
(Vice Chair) 15th. J

Friday, April 22, 2011


A 19-year-old man, from Kingstanding, has been arrested in connection with the frightening incident at Queslett Nature Reserve, Great Barr, in January after an investigation by the Oscott neighbourhood policing unit. Officers are still looking for a another man, who was allegedly involved in the attack, In the Queslett nature Reserve The victim was walking dog when two out-of-control bull terrier-type dogs attacked the pair. The man a local resident suffered a bite to his hand which required hospital treatment; he also had scratches to his head and chest. The mans dog was also vey badly hurt and required a series of life-saving operations costing over a thousand pounds in vet’s bills. The alleged owner of the one of the dogs who made the attack has been bailed. If you have any information about this incident please contact the Police on 0345 5000 111


On March the 12th there was another successful FQNR Clean up activity day.
FQNR were joined by a number of young Army cadets and dozens of black bags were filled with rubbish. A lot of larger objects which had found their way onto the reserve were also removed.
The FQNR would appeal to any observing fly tipping on or near the reserve to report it.


FQNR Chair Councillor Keith Linnecor ensuring the bin out side the reserve is being emptied regularly.

Following a number of appeals an extra litter bin has been placed in the Queslett nature reserve and it has been agreed that the bin near the Ashworth Road will be emptied more regularly. It is now up to dog owners to clear up their dogs mess and use the bins provided. Lets all keep our reserve clean.


John Davis an active member of the FQNR inspecting work being done to replace the stolen fence

Thank to the fantastic efforts of our Chair Councillor Keith Linnecor the Council have now replaced the stolen fence at the Boundary of Booths Lane. This should help prevent motor bikes and Quad bikes using the site disturbing the wild life and endagering those who use the reserve.

Pauline Cooke


Due to technical difficulties and time constraints the FQNR have not put on any post for some time, we now hope to catch up a little.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


There will be a light pruning / litter pick session on Saturday 12th March at the Queslett Nature Reserve.

Members and supporters will be meeting at 11.30 am at the Ashworth Road entrance (we ask those coming along not to park to close to the entrance and would advise you park in Booths Lane.)

Pruning work will be under the instruction of a parks Ranger but please take great care at all times . Tools will be provided.
I would recommend you bring along gardening gloves and also be prepared for the weather.

There will be litter picking for those who would prefer to do that. We can supply litter pickers but if you have your own please bring them along.

If you can make please ring 360 6486 and let me know if possible.
Children are welcome but must be under the supervision of an adult.


Councillor Keith Linnecor
Chair FQNR

Friday, February 18, 2011


The owners of the dogs which attacked a reserve user and his dog a few weeks ago have still not been caught. We not aware of any new sightings of them or their dogs on the reserve but if you have any information about what happened please contact the Police.

The owners of the dogs which attacked were both young white men one with light ginger hair? are believed to use the surrounding area regularly. The FOQNR would ask anyone with information to contact the police on 0345 113 5000.There was apparently no attempt by the dog owners to stop the attack. Please take care when using the reserve, these sort of attacks must be stopped and owners made to be responsible for their dogs.


It has been a trying time recently for those who appreciate the Queslett Nature Reserve. We have heard about the vicious attack on a user of the reserves dog by other dogs allowed to get out of control and we have also sadly had some of the reserves wooden fencing stolen.
The Police do patrol the reserve but it is a large reserve and they can not be there all the time.
With this in mind we ask FQNR members to be the eyes and ears of the reserve.

While you should never put your self into any form of risk situation and have no additional authority you can help by reporting anything suspicious you may see taking place on the reserve (or the Aldridge Recreation Ground) to the Police or Council Authorities.


I think the Queslett Nature Reserve looks so much tidier than it used to do. The paths are much easier to negotiate since the friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve started to help prune them back. This is so important for disabled or elderly users of the reserve.
The one issue i would raise however is the dog mess. While I am pleased to see there are notices reminding dog users of the problem some of them seem oblivious to them. I would certainly like to see more bins provided on the site as i think this may help the situation.
As I say though the friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve are doing a great job.

P. Cooke


Although membership of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve remains free we are still on the look out for any donations any one would like to make. Any money raised will go to keeping the FQNR going and the upkeep of the reserve.
For details please Email Brenda

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Audacious thieves have struck at the Queslett Nature Reserve stealing over one thousand pounds worth of wooden boundary fencing. The fence along the Booths Lane boundary of the reserve was surgically removed late yesterday afternoon or early evening. 7 large wood fence panels of a cross timber nature were stolen.This theft would not have been a easy take. The wooden post were cut through by mechanical means and the wight of these fence section would have been considerable.The Police and Leisure Service department are baffled but doing their best to find the culprits.I believe my self, the fencing was stolen to order and is now probably now on a farm or a similar piece of land.The Police are appealing for witnesses and given the location there are probably a number of people who would have seen this theft happening without realising it. If you have any information please contact the Police.The fence will have to be replaced but finding the funds will not be easy. It took a few years to find the funding last time and I will do my best to get the ball rolling. The fence is needed to stop motor bikes and Quad bikes entering the reserve and putting the reserves users, lives in danger as well as disturbing the wild life. The fence is also a defined boundary for the reserve.I know I can speak for the friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve and many residents when I say the people who stole this are disgusting and need to be caught.

Councillor Keith Linnecor
Chair FQNR

Monday, January 31, 2011

Keep off frozen lakes

Every year we hear about people walking on frozen lakes (or letting their dogs walk on frozen lakes). This is very dangerous as freezing water can kill even the best swimmers if they fall through the ice on a lake.
The Queslett Nature Reserve has a lake and every time it freezes foot marKs are seen on it. The message from the Birmingham City Council Leisure Services Department and the FQNR is please do not be tempted to walk on this lake when it is frozen

Litter pick up date

The Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve held another successful litter pick on Saturday. Over 20 black bags of rubbish were removed from the site.
Members also joined with the Police and member of the N.P.I, to ask users of the reserve if they new anything about the resent attack on a dog and its owner in the reserve.

On the down side it has been noticed that some dog owners instead of taking their dogs mess home with them are getting it up with plastic bags and throwing the mess in the bags into near by bushes. The bags obviously do not bio degrade so this habit is making the situation worse. Dog owner please clean up after your dogs and take it away with you.

The FQNR are calling on the Council to provide more litter bins in the area.

If you would like to become a member of the FQNR please ring 360 6486 but please be prepared to roll up your sleaves and help out. on the reserve.

Friday, January 21, 2011


There has been a vicious attack on a dog and its owner while they were in the Queslett Nature Reserve recently.The dogs in question, one a white English bull terrier type and the other a multi coloured Bull or pit terrier, severely bit a dog and its owner as they were walking in the reserve.
This has resulted in the owner having to pay over one thousand pounds in vet bills and his dog is still in agony.

The owners of the dogs which attacked were both young white men one with light ginger hair? are believed to use the surrounding area regularly. The FOQNR would ask anyone with information to contact the police on 0345 113 5000.
There was apparently no attempt by the dog owners to stop the attack. Please take care when using the reserve, these sort of attacks must be stopped and owners made to be responsible for their dogs.
The Police are continuing to investigate this attack and they are also taking statements.
There may have been a less severe but similar incident a few weeks ago on the Beeches estate?.
Similar youths and dogs have been seen near the chip shop on the Beeches Estate so they may be local.
The owner of the attacked dog who was also bitten him self, does not wish to be named as is very distressed about his dog. Please help spot these dogs and report them to the Police.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


There will be a litter pick taking place at the Queslett Nature Reserve on Saturday 29th January.
Those who are interested in helping the wild life in the reserve and the environment should meet up at the Ashworth Road Entrance. (please do not park too close to the entrance and respect local residents parking). We would suggest you consider parking in Booths Lane and walk to the Ashworth entrance.
We will be meeting at 11.45am; please come prepared to roll your sleeves up and get dirty. We are looking to clean up any build up of litter following the festive season.
Children are welcome but must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

Be prepared for the weather.Black bags and litter pickers will be issued but if you have your own please bring them.For further information please ring 360 6486

Councillor Keith Linnecor

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There has been an ongoing problem of fly tipping in Booths Lane. But it is thanks to the diligence of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve and the local Environmental team we have been able to reduce this anti social behavior.

It has also saddened me that some antisocial residents have took advantage of the recent Industrial dispute and bad weather recently to dump rubbish in the area.
If any one sees rubbish being dumped in the reserve or near by they should report it. Please try and make note of any registrations or descriptions.
Those of us who love to visit the reserve and enjoy its wild life need to be observant and not to hesitate to report such act of anti social behavior.


Secretary FOQNR

Monday, January 17, 2011


We are back posting after a bit of a gap for the festive season.
First of all may the FQNR executive wish every one a Happy new Year.