Friday, June 24, 2011


As the secretary to The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve I very often visit this beautiful wildlife haven. I was especially delighted to see that the reserves residental swans have now had three gorgeous cygnets! I sometimes take the swans and their young family corn which I leave on the bank. Because however much I would like to see them up close and however much I would like them to feed from my hand,I am mindful of the fact that these are wild animals,they have their place and I have mine. There is no real need to feed the swans or the other wildfowl this time of the year as there is certainly enough food and it isn`t a good idea to feed them bread. I am concerned that when I am over the Queslett Nature Reserve that I have come across other members of public feeding and actively encouraging the swans to come close. These people think that they are being kind gaining the swans trust. But they don`t seem to understand that there other types of
people who through their own warped sence of enjoyment will use the swans trust of humans to hurt them. So for those who do care, it is really best not to encouraged the swans to come close to the waters edge or to feed from a hand.

Brenda Wilson

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