Friday, January 21, 2011


There has been a vicious attack on a dog and its owner while they were in the Queslett Nature Reserve recently.The dogs in question, one a white English bull terrier type and the other a multi coloured Bull or pit terrier, severely bit a dog and its owner as they were walking in the reserve.
This has resulted in the owner having to pay over one thousand pounds in vet bills and his dog is still in agony.

The owners of the dogs which attacked were both young white men one with light ginger hair? are believed to use the surrounding area regularly. The FOQNR would ask anyone with information to contact the police on 0345 113 5000.
There was apparently no attempt by the dog owners to stop the attack. Please take care when using the reserve, these sort of attacks must be stopped and owners made to be responsible for their dogs.
The Police are continuing to investigate this attack and they are also taking statements.
There may have been a less severe but similar incident a few weeks ago on the Beeches estate?.
Similar youths and dogs have been seen near the chip shop on the Beeches Estate so they may be local.
The owner of the attacked dog who was also bitten him self, does not wish to be named as is very distressed about his dog. Please help spot these dogs and report them to the Police.

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