Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Many bird lovers start feeding wild birds in the late spring a summer when it is really this time of year birds need feeding urgently.Wild birds need food this time of year to help keep their body temperature up. They can not get at there normal food because of the snow and ice and so now is the time to feed them.Try clearing a patch of snow from the ground or off your bird table if you have one and put some food out for the birds. Birds eat all sorts of things and there are plenty of books about to tell you whet is best for the birds. You can also by wild bird food from local pet shops and so on.However only put bird food out in the day light and remove anything left over before it gets dark. This will stop rats from feeding on any left overs. Birds also need water and in icy conditions you can help them by putting out some water.
Also dont forget the birds in the Queslett Nature Reserve, why not pop in and leave them some food?

Keith Linnecor

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