Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bird studing success

Over 20 people spent an enjoyable and interesting morning on the Queslett Nature Reserve today and this did not count the 3 users of the reserve who joined the Friends Queslett Nature Reserve today.Activities ranged from bird netting (for identification they were all released unharmed and the work was supervised by an expert) bird observation and litter picking the site.Dr Stephan Bodnar the Councils Bi diversity officer proved yet again what knowledge has when it comes to the world of nature.Dozens of different birds wore identified and identified is hoped the work being undertaken by the FOQR and other groups will make the wild life on and around the reserve even more varied.The FOQNR strongly believe working on the reserve is just part of their aim which is to improve the environment throughout the area.

Chair FQNR
Councillor Keith Linnecor

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