Thursday, February 2, 2012


Brian Brooks in he's joint role as senior NPI Coordinator and member of the FOQNR helps keeps the Police informed of problems in the reserve.

The FOQNR are closely linked with volunteer Community Crime prevention Groups, and in Particular with the Oscott Neighbourhood Police Initiative.
Working with groups like the NPI helps ensure that problems like anti social behavior which may occasionally happen in the reserve get report to the Police and Ranger Services. The NPI has a member on the FOQNR committee to help cement and promote this link.
The NPI like the FOQNR actively promotes the idea that members of the public can help prevent problems on the reserve by being the eyes and ears of the authorities and reporting any acts of anti social behavior or vandalism.

The reserve is a large one and the Police and Rangers can not be everywhere and on there all the time, the more of using it and keeping a eye on it the better.

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