Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Members of the FQNR like Brian are concerned about the low level of the lake in the reserve.

The FOQNR are appealing to the community to spare a thought when it comes to using water.

If you look at the level of the lake in the Queslett Nature Reserve you will see what 2 years of comparative drought has done. The level lake is well down on what it used to be.

The Water Authorities and the government will if needed tell us when not to use hose pipes but the FQNR ask that you think before using water.

For example why not get a water butt and use the water collected, on your garden.
However in dry spells we would still ask that you put water in your garden birdbath, if you have one.

Councillor Keith Linnecor
Chair FQNR

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