Monday, August 6, 2012


 Work is now well under way on the Booths Lane development. Undergrowth is being stripped back and preparation work for the realigning of the road and the layout of the new homes is being carried out. A temporary path has been put in place around the site.
As we are all aware sadly the Councils Planning department has allowed the housing development to go ahead on Booths lane next to the Queslett Nature Reserve. Despite objections from Councillors Keith Linnecor and Barbara Dring, the majority of local residents and the FQNR it was deemed the development should and now work has started on the site.
It is to be hoped that the potential warned of danger of contaminated land and methane gas migration will not be a problem on the development in years to come and the the so called experts have got it right and those who buy new homes on the site will not suffer as a result.
In the mean times FQR are keeping an eye on the work on site to ensure it does not cause problems for visitors or to the wild life on the reserve.
We also appreciate the work Councillor Keith Linnecor (our Chair has done to insist on a wild life corridor which will run at the side of the development and help connect the reserve to Turnbury Park and the Perry Beeches reserve.

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