Friday, September 14, 2012


Given that a number of people have  contracted E:Coli following visits to Sutton Park in recent weeks which has prompted  health chiefs to issue major warning to the public about it.
RE The West Midlands Health Protection Agency is warning parents that the infection, E.coli O157 can cause serious illness, including vomiting and kidney failure.
The City Council has announced it is increasing hand washing facilities at the Park, which is Birmingham’s largest, but is advising concerned families to consider using other parks and open spaces.
Dr Roger Gajraj said: “The best protection against E.coli is to always wash your hands, especially after contact with animals, after going to the toilet and immediately before eating. I would also advise cyclists and walkers to wash their tyres, footwear and their hands after visiting Sutton Park as an extra precaution."
WHILE IM NOT AWARE OF ANY SIMILAR REPORTS REGARDING THE QUESLETT NATURE RESERVE. I would suggest as a safety and common sense precaution that you take similar steps after using the Queslett Nature Reserve. There are no taps in the reserve but  you should remember to take precautions before eating and as soon as you can after leaving the reserve. In simple terms at least wash your hands BUT ALSO  FOLLOW THE ABOVE GUIDELINES and if you do feel ill seek medicle advise.

Councillor Keith Linnecor
Chair of FQNR

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