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APPENDIX 1 (also see constitution)


  1. Our main aim is to improve the Queslett Nature Reserve for the wild life and those who use the Reserve.
  2. Members should respect the wildlife and the environment in the Queslett Nature Reserve.
  3. Members should be careful not to disturb the wild life in the QNR
  4. Members are encouraged to do what they can to increase the membership of the F.Q.N.R.
  5. Members should be considerate of other members and the general public.
  6. Members should work with their committee and the Birmingham Council Leisure Services department to improve the QNR.
  7. No pruning, construction work or any similar occurrence should take place without the permission of the relevant Birmingham City Council officer.
  8. Any member seeing an unlawful act such as vandalism should report the matter to the Parks department or the Police as necessary. We are the eyes and ears of the reserve and act as a Reserve watch. Do not put yourself at any risk
  9. Members have no additional authority where the QNR is concerned.
  10. Any fund raising or publicity regarding the FQNR must be undertaken with the agreement of the Executive Committee  and be cleared by the Chair
  11. Members should also consider the surrounding area’s environmental needs (including the near by Aldridge Road Recreation Ground )
  12. The FOQNR is a voluntary organisation.
  1. When working in the Queslett Nature Reserve the safety of you and those around you is of paramount concern please take care at all times and also listen to any instructions given. Some training may be given by the Ranger Service during some events.

  1. When attending out door events at the Queslett Nature Reserve please come prepared for the weather

  1. Any tools lent by the FQNR are strictly at the lenders own risk. Every care should be taken with any tools or equipment lent and any instructions should be read and adhered to. If offered the use of safety equipment please use it.

  1. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The FQNR do not deal directly with children and a responsible adult must take full responsibility for them at all times when they are with  the FQNR

  1. Do not enter the lake and keep away from any mud around its edge.

  1. Take note of any instructions give, report any problems encountered and let the team leader know you are there and when you leave.

  1. Please consider those who live near the reserve when parking your vehicle. Do not obstruct driveways for example in Ashworth road.

  1. LOCATION The Queslett Nature Reserve is located off Old Horns Crescent where it has an entrance (near the Queslett ASDA superstore) and has another main entrance in Ashworth Road. There are 2 other entrances off Booths Lane at present.                                                                                                                      (The nearest W.C for public use is in the ASDA superstores)


  1. Useful contact No
Police -emergencies 999
Police -general enquires / reports 0845 113 5000 or 101
Parks -department 464 8728 / Park Patrols 464 7810
Oscott Ward Support Officer- Ken Brown 675 2349
Chair FQNR - Councillor Keith Linnecor 360 6486
**To Email FQNR Secretary

There may be updates to this document found from time to time on the FQNR blog as well as features and other information.

Please further note: The Aldridge Recreation ground has now come within the influence of the FQNR and the same Code of practise applies.

All FOQNR MEMEMBERS should read and agree the above terms as part of their membership commitment


FQNR Membership is free but donations are welcome **

Updated June 2013

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