Friday, December 26, 2008


Queslett Nature Reserve is just that. It is designated as a “Site of Importance for Nature Conservation”, (SINC) . Currently and under the guidance of Stephan Bodnar, Birmingham City Council’s Biodiversity Officer, we are attempting to keep the area includind a large lake, clean and free of litter including drinks cans and ASDA trolleys, discourage the use of motorcycles, open up and maintain natural pathways and encourage the growth and proliferation of native species of fauna and flora.

The Nature Reserve is becoming increasingly, an oasis in the face of more intense human development in the area including housing developments, more congested roads and expanding supermarkets. It is early days. The natural repopulation of this open space, a reclaimed quarry, is one of delicate balance. We see the Reserve as a quiet recreational facility which will be a legacy to future generations. Unfortunately, a skate board facility on this site is at odds with the aims and objectives of the Reserve.

Perhaps, such a facility could be incorporated into the Golf complex on Booths Lane? Also, any youngsters who are interested try the Trehurst Youth club where skateboard ramps are available.

Bob Wild

The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve

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