Friday, April 3, 2009


As sure as night follows day and elections follow an avalanche of leaflets, anti social yobs leave a trail of broken newly planted trees in the spring. What amusement some people get from destroying a new trees is beyond me. As I do most year I will bring this issue to the attention of the Police and hope they can catch one of these mindless fools in the act.
If you see anyone trying to damage a tree in the Queslett Nature reserve (or sadly trying to set fire to one) call the park rangers 464 8728 ASAP. If you see some one vandalising a tree on the highway call the Police.
If you want to protect our newly planted trees, should we ever get a Dry spell of weather why not water a new tree if it is is near where you live it may just help it survive?

Councillor Keith Linnecor

Chair FQNR

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