Monday, March 9, 2009


Like most places the Queslett Nature Reserve recieves the unwanted behavior of some anti social people (young and not so young).
This can range from dumping rubbish in the reserve (there is a Salvage centre at Holford Drive a 5 minute drive away), setting fires, riding motorised vehicles in the reserve and throwing life rings in the lake. (The lake in the reserve is a dangerous place not suitable for swimming in)
All these unwanted activities can be annoying and in some cases dangerous.
As members of the FOQNR we can act as its eyes and ears and report any unwanted activities.

If there is a serious incident going on, contact the Police on the 999 system. If you see any thing that has happened you can contact the Parke's department 464 8728.
Do not however put your self in any danger and follow the code of practise and Aims of the FOQNR. If you are a member and have lost yours or if there is any other information you want please ring me on 360 6486.

Councillor Keith Linnecor Chair

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