Friday, October 19, 2012


Acting on information received from Councillor Linnecor. I went to the Queslett Nature Reserve today after hearing that there had been vandalism to some tree`s. I was hoping that it was some thing minor or perhaps mis-information but when I arrived on site,I was wrong. I was absolutely horrified to see the most malicious,mindless damage to two trees that had been cut down with a chain saw. Talking to dog walkers and other members of public who use the reserve regularly. The main speculation was `kid mucking about`. Where would kids get a powerful and dangerous piece of equipment like a chain saw? If this was the case,then there is a very real cause for concern that some young people are in possession of something that requires specialist training to use. On closer inspection of one of the trees. The cut was done at an angle by someone who knew how to cut a tree in a professional manner. This was not the work of daft kids,out their faces on alcohol
but someone who knew what they were doing. The one one tree was a beautiful young oak and its leaves was turning in to Autumn colours. It probably took 20 years to grow, provided food and habitat for wildlife. Now it won`t ever reach maturity of a magnificent oak just because of some one who has warped idea of what passes as some kind of  entertainment was to cut it down with a chain saw.
Brenda Wilson

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