Monday, October 29, 2012


Along with Committee members of the Friends Of the Queslett Nature Reserve I have been to the Booths Lane development site today and met with Representatives of  Cameron Homes and Persimmon.
We have looked extensively at the landscaping features which have been agreed and the way they will be linking with the Queslett Nature Reserve.
Pedestrion routes are being kept around the site linking up both sections of Booths Lane, Caddick Road and the reserve. A new entrance swing gate have been put in place on the Booths Lane Reserve boundary at the request of the Queslett Nature Reserve.
Restoration work including the historically accurate pointing to safe guard the foundations are continuing on the Old Booths Farm site.
We also heard that Houses should begin being built on the site early next year with an expectation the scheme will be finished in 2014.
 The new road is continuing to be worked on but the house building will mean some delays in the linking of the carriage way from one section of the site to the other due to things like health and safety implications, new lighting schemes and the eventual adaption of the road by the City of Birmingham.
We were given another assurance it is the intention of the developers to have the road relinked in the future.

I have also asked for further site visits and updates and will be pressing for the road to be brought back into use as soon as possible.

Councillor Keith Linnecor
Chair FQNR

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Paul sargent said...

Unfortunately the new gate by Booths Lane is allowing motor bikes to gain access to the reserve.