Thursday, November 22, 2012


With the dark cold nights comes the need to feed the birds in our gardens and open spaces.
The sever wet weather also helps prevent Birds from finding natural food.
There has been a lot of talk about bird numbers reducing over the years and many reasons have been put forward.
For example Farming changes such as getting rid of hedge rows.
New housing developments.
Changing gardening needs (less trees and bushes) more patios
What ever the reasons bird number are falling but we can all help the situation.

Why not leave part of your garden to go "wild".
Plant food bearing plants
Feed the birds during the winter and help give them the body fat they need to survive. (If freezing condition use a bird bath to give water)
Join the RSPB or similar organisations.( read their advice on how to feed birds and other animals)
Become a member of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve and help protect the habitat for local wild life. (See the Webb for similar organisations)

To join the FQNR or for more information Email

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