Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve.

Oscott Ward Community Chest Award.

On behalf of the committee of the Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve, I wish to thank the Ward Advisory Board  and Ward Committee for the award of 500 Pounds towards our group's activities and running costs.

This has enabled us to augment and maintain our inventory of working equipment and tools  and safety equipment and clothing.

We have been able to start a programme of signage around the Reserve and built storage facilities for the group's equipment.

In addition, we are able to use some of the money for administrative purposes including office and computer consumables, publicity materials and postage to our membership.

The award has been very welcome and essential, enabling us to operate without the need to charge for membership.

Membership of the Friends group is currently approximately 120 and increasing.

Our activities  include frequent litter picking and clean ups, tree and shrub planting, wildlife monitoring, path clearance. Importantly, members have created a network of observers keeping an eye on the reserve and reporting incidents and problems.


We have in mind more ambitious projects that would require greater funding. To this end we have applied for funding from other sources.

Work has started on the Booths Lane residential development site adjacent to the Reserve. We have been very concious of the effects and implications of this development on access, paths, bordering fencing and wildlife including bats. To this end we acted as a pressure group during the planning stages and since we have been in close contact and have maintained good cooperative and communicative relationship with the developers, Cameron Homes and of Persimmon.  Conditions have been incorporated into their planning agreement respecting our wishes and recommendations. These includes a section of land bordering the Reserve and acting as a buffer between the Reserve and the development. They have pledged an amount of “106” funding for community activities and projects some of which should be channelled to improvements to the Reserve.

Sadly, one of our key members, Bert Cooke died recently. Cameron and Persimmon have offered to plant some trees and and erect a plaque to his memory. We thank them for this.

 For application for free membership of  “The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve”:

Tel: 0121 360 6486

Bob Wild
(Vice Chair)       

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