Saturday, December 8, 2012


When walking in the Queslett Nature Reserve at this time of year please take care.

Enjoy you walk but please be observant if you see any anti social behavior (this is unlikely) please inform the 101 none emergency or 999 for an emergency

Keep to the paths and never be temped to walk on the lake if it ices over.

Please do not disturb the wild life.

By all means feed the birds (with approved foods as recommend by the RSPB and so on). White bread is not recommended for example. Also please take away and mesh which nuts come in as they can trap birds.

The nearest WC is in the ASDA store next door to the reserve (Old Horns Lane) who also sell a range of animal/ bird  foods.

Dog walkers there are litter bins at the Ashworth Road Entrance so please bag and bin any dog mess (or take it home.)

Finally please ensure who wrap up well and use stout shoes.

Enjoy you walks.

Best Wishes

Councillor Keith Linnecor (Chair) FQQR
and the rest of the team

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