Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was very disappointed last week to hear at a meeting with the Police I attended an Oscott Councillor say that the Queslett Nature Reserve was not a reserve but an old land fill site where football pitches and a skate boards Centre should be put.
The Friends of the Reserve have for 2 years worked hard to improve this site and more and more different kinds of wild life are slowly appearing on it. It is a rest full place to be in and the thought of having football pitches, changing rooms and skate board centres horrifies me. Just think of the damage it would do to the reserve and the amount of problems regarding antisocial behavior it would bring. I am not anti children and a small kick about area for youngsters would be ok but not football pitches and so on.
There are enough football pitches in the area already surely. Just look at the Aldridge Recreation Ground which is 5 minutes away. Al;so I understand a top class brand new skate Board Centre is to be built on the Oscott side of Perry Barr Park just down the road and close to all the bus routes. No as a resident I do not want football pitches on the reserve.

FQNR Member and Local Resident.

If you have a letter about the Queslett Nature Reserve (or the Aldridge Recreation Ground) please send it to the FQNR C/o Mike Trevor, Perry Barr District Office , Bridge House College Road Perry Barr.

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