Friday, August 14, 2009


Thanks to our Chairman Councillor Keith Linnecor a site meeting on the Queslett Nature Reserve between senior Parks department officers and members of the FQNR took place yesterday.
We were on site for the whole morning and met up with Councillor Barbara Dring and a passing Police Officer. (yes the Police do patrol the Queslett Nature Reserve regularly).
There was an extensive tour of the site where many issues were raised and future work plans discussed. The officers were very impressed with the work the FQNR had done and gave permission for a number of other tasks to be carried out.
The Officers involved promised to go away and try and solve a number of problems which they were informed about. For example the state of the lake with all the life savings rings thrown in, the need for some large stumps to be removed and the grass cutting regime.
All in all it was a successful site meeting and time well spent.

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